9x World Champion Boxer and HBO Host, Roy Jones Jr., Credits Reviver CBD Oil With Massive Gains at 50, Contemplates Competitive Boxing Return at 50

As the US reacts to the Farm Bill, pain sufferers quickly adopt CBD oil as a pain reliever. Science explains CBD as non-psychoactive (meaning no buzz). Early adopters are claiming benefits before the FDA, and other sources can verify. Pain seems to be motivating the rush to find a simple solution with no apparent benefits as of yet. Time will tell.

​When Roy Jones, Jr. steps into the ring—or the gym—he brings with him legendary power and athleticism. Unfortunately, he also brings along an unwanted pair of partners to these two accolades—a lifetime of physical trauma from his chosen sport and inflammation due to age. 

“We all experience joint pain and lose capabilities with age," Roy says, "but my body had a particularly rough ride—and now I have a slogan for myself after years of training-through-tremendous pain: 'I’m A Reviver!'”

CBD Oil has caught the attention of millions of Americans suffering from back pain, arthritis, and joint pain since the loosening of Hemp laws across the country. It’s a pure extract of the mighty Hemp plant which contains ZERO THC, is non-psycho-active and is 100% legal in all 50 States in the U.S. We’re starting to see shops, and signs pop up in all metropolitan areas and the medical community is listening to patient results.

“I have tried literally everything to combat my pain and stress. I love to train young fighters. I love to fight. I’m still fighting all around the world, but now I’m doing it without the pain. Reviver CBD oil stands above any product I’ve ever tried and is far better than any CBD oil on the market. I started out with it with low expectations; I bought a small supply at www.revivercbd.com. I took it daily and didn’t really notice much of an uptick until about a week... and then… wow. It’s been a great discovery for me.”

What makes Reviver CBD oil THE BEST is the CO2-extraction process and the highest quality hemp. Reviver CBD oil sources exclusively from two of the best hemp fields in the world, located in Kentucky and Tennessee, with those locations chosen for soil quality and analysis as well as climate. Reviver CBD oil starts with the best and finishes with the best.

We can all expect to see much more of Roy Jones, Jr. in the coming months as he trains top talent and elevates his own abilities now that he has found something that allows him to train hard and feel good.

“I’ve been called pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. And I’ve been at the top. I feel like I’m at the top of my game again—at age 50—living well, doing what I love and sharing my skills with the next generation. I love what Reviver CBD Oil has done for me.”

Reviver CBD oil is now available at www.ReviverCBD.com. Current offerings include ReviverCBD oil in tinctures, in capsule form, in moisturizing lotion, and in the popular Freeze Roller. All orders process quickly and shipping is always free. 

Jones says “If you are an athlete, you know pain. If you are aging you know pain. Take my advice and order Reviver CBD oil and forget your pain and get on with your life. Reviver CBD Oil is THE BEST. Be a Reviver!”

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